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SUCH A LONG DAY ! LOL . Was at pax since 8 am and left around 6:30 pm … Meh x.x . My feet hurt so bad . Pax wasn’t that bad for my first time haha . Makes me wish I did go during my middle school years to see how different it is now (x . Took lots of pictures ! got free t-shirts , bags , buttons , yeahh :P . I even won a headset ~ yay haha . Too bad we couldn’t get into the league room ): but he got his shirt signed (: Good night xD .

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Made him brunch in bed cause today’s my lazy day and it was to make up for not doing anything xD . Plus he likes waking up to food LOL . Watched South park the whole day xD . Then I finally got a reply from someone on reddit for Monday pax passes . They were the hardest tickets to freaking get …. stupid pax -.- . I remember in middle school when you could still get them at the door and now they sell out online within hours -.- and even minutes . Meh , so I went to downtown and got the passes xP . Now I’m gonna eat pizza and watch more South park xD .

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Untitled (by :: K a t e ::)

Untitled (by :: K a t e ::)

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This deadass the funniest tweet ever.


This deadass the funniest tweet ever.

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Maude White

I’m. Not. Worthy.


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"He was modelled after a specific raccoon, and it’s this little guy named Oreo" X

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I was driving and saw people giving out free ice water (in the rain) ? I thought it was pretty amazing (x . Then I picked him and Diana up to go eat Korean food and get bubble tea :3 hehe , it’s nice hanging out with her again :3 . Then we went to Northgate and walked around . We ended the day playing mahjong for hours !! As well as eating pizza before I took her home :3 .

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“You’d be surprised what small, everyday things can lift us out of despair. But nobody can do it for you. You’re the one who has to watch for the open door.”

Donna Tartt, The Goldfinch (via psych-facts)

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Went to the chiropractor and came home . Got locked outside my house so I went to eat breakfast with the biffle lol . Cruised around Chinatown before I came home xD . Then I took my grandma out to do her errands and took her home . Went to Starbucks , southcenter , got Chipotle , then home with him (x long day .

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holy fuck we have our windows open and we heard a blood curling scream so naturally I went to look out the window because wow is someone getting stabbed?? and it is just my neighbour on his knees staring at a KFC chicken bucket spilt all over his driveway

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“I have noticed that if you look carefully at people’s eyes the first five seconds they look at you, the truth of their feelings will shine through for just an instant before it flickers away.”

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